First-class operations

We are operators who design, lease, and manage properties to appeal to our global community of residents. We deliver exceptional performance to our partners through higher returns from accommodation and additional services.

With our dedicated cleaning and maintenance staff we have become experts in the operation of a decentralized network of assets.

The best of two different worlds: short-term rental and long-term lease
Our LOS (Length Of Stays) is 45 days, which means that we can offer a higher return than the average 1 year long term rental contract without the hassle of daily check-ins and check-outs inherent to the short term rental model.
Even better than property management 

When working with a property management service your property will be listed and offered without a brand and will be filtered mainly by pricing criteria.

Incorporating your property into our smart living brand house of brands will allow you to add profitability and long-term value to your property. Our residents recognize standards of our properties so that they receive the level of service and amenities they desire and expect, wherever the property is located.

Brand equity
Our brand provides services that drive occupancy, such as relocation and integration advisory, community-driven events and perks. We offer a share revenue model to property owners from those additional services.And we have a team of highly s killed senior professionals with in-depth knowledge of the Lisbon real estate, hospitality, coliving, immigration markets, as well as very good network within domestic and international expat communities.